Education & Networking

We are the premier education & networking group serving Real Estate Investors of Northeast Wisconsin.  Our members get the best opportunity to achieve success in ALL aspects of real estate investing.

Green Bay REIA Mentoring Program


We Help Get Your Deal Funded!

Is finding money to fund the deal a concern of yours?  Not any more!  Our lenders’s trust us and our systems.  If it’s a great deal, it’ll be funded!  And, we’ll teach you how to find your own hard money lenders, private lenders, mortgage brokers, etc. to get your deal done!


Arverage $20,000+ per flipped house in PROFITS!

If the deal doesn’t make at least $20,000 in profits, it’s not a deal!  We’ve been investing all over the state of Wisconsin with a lot of success!!  Let our experience help you be successful too!


Get Access to Our Buyer's List!

Worried about who you’re going to “Wholesale” your property too?  Not any more!  Use our buyer’s list so you don’t have to have one right away!


We Will Help Negotiate the deal!

We will help you negotiate the deal with the seller.  We’ll help you talk with them on the phone, negotiate a price and we’ll go with you to the property!


Free Negotiations Course!

EXCLUSIVE!!  Free copy of a 2-day boot camp we did on negotiating!  See us do live calls to sellers during the class!  Learning to talk to sellers, whether on the phone or in person, is a crucial component to being a successful real estate investor!  We’ll teach you how!

Are you interested in joining our group?

New to Investing?  Have you been investing for what feels like forever?  The Green Bay REIA is here to help you take your investing business to the next level. At our events, you’ll learn more, learn to make more, and make a lot of new friends who are on the same path as you are. If that’s what you’re looking for, you’ve found the right place!