Education & Networking

We are the premier education & networking group serving Real Estate Investors of Northeast Wisconsin.  Our members get the best opportunity to achieve success in ALL aspects of real estate investing.

Corporate Sponsorship

Professionals who support the many areas of real estate investing are welcome and encouraged to join the group! Whether you are a Realtor, mortgage broker, home stager, interior designer, handyman, electrician, plumber, property manager, lawyer, CPA, hard money lender, etc., we invite you to take part in our meetings and network with our members.

Corporate Sponsors get…

  • Display space at all of our meetings
  • Digital promotion in the pre-meeting slideshow
  • Access to all of our meetings
  • Time at every meeting to pitch your products and servces
  • Opportunity teach/present at least one meeting each year
  • Space on our website
  • Space in our newsletter
  • Links back to your website
  • More…

Become one of our preferred Sponsor Members for only $250 per year.

Are you interested in joining our group?

New to Investing?  Have you been investing for what feels like forever?  The Green Bay REIA is here to help you take your investing business to the next level. At our events, you’ll learn more, learn to make more, and make a lot of new friends who are on the same path as you are. If that’s what you’re looking for, you’ve found the right place!