Education & Networking

We are the premier education & networking group serving Real Estate Investors of Northeast Wisconsin.  Our members get the best opportunity to achieve success in ALL aspects of real estate investing.

What is the Green Bay REIA


The Green Bay Real Estate Investors Association (REIA) is an education and networking platform for real estate investors and other professionals in and around real estate.  Our goal is to educate and connect our community.  We strive to motivate people interested in real estate to reach the investment success they long for.  Education is an endless process.  We hope your goals continue to grow and evolve along with your success in the real estate investing.   We hope they increase from being involved with the Green Bay REIA.

The Green Bay REIA provides a friendly atmosphere that promotes networking and helps to enable all in attendance to grow by learning from other’s experiences. The leaders of the Green Bay REIA firmly believe that the best lessons can be learned from others who share their experiences and save others from the school of hard knocks.

Who attends and Why?


Those who attend the Green Bay REIA come from various backgrounds and all walks of life, all with one thing in common … real estate. Attendees range from people with limited schooling to those who have completed post-graduate work. These are attendees who work full time, part time, and even some who are unemployed and desire to enter the world of real estate investing. More importantly, in attendance are professionals that support the real estate investors such as attorneys, title agents, mortgage brokers, real estate agents, appraisers, etc., all of whom have knowledge and expertise to add to your investing success. The Green Bay REIA is a diverse group for anyone who yearns to prosper in the real estate industry. 

Team Members


Jeff Cichocki

Jeff has been a hard money lender since 2010 and a real estate investor since 2004.  As a hard money lender, Jeff manages a hard money investing fund.  Through both his personal ventures and lending through the fund, he has been involved in hundreds of transactions.  As a lender and investor, Jeff has seen and done just about every kind of deal imaginable; everything from a simple wholesale, to rehabs, rentals, subject-to, lease with the option to purchase, seller finance and lending.  Jeff has been involved in many creative purchase and sale situations.

If you’re looking for help with structuring a deal, getting your deal funded or looking to fund a deal, reach out to Jeff through the Contact Us Page.

If you need a Proof of Funds letter, go to

Derek Dombeck

Derek has been a successfull Investor since 2002.  He’s been through the ups and downs of the markets and has the scars to prove it.

Derek has been involved in hundreds of transactions in his career.  He’s done wholesaling, flipping, landlording, lending and countless other investment strategies throughout the years.

Derek loves negotiating with sellers.  He loves to put togehter creative solutions for sellers that few other investors can put together.

Derek loves giving back to the real estate community.  In addition to helping out at the Green Bay REIA, Derek also runs the Central Wisconisn REIA which is based out of Wausau.

Derek is also a coach and mentor who has a passion for helping others be successful too.  You can reach Derek  the the Contact Us Page.

Are you interested in joining our group?
New to Investing?  Have you been investing for what feels like forever?  The Green Bay REIA is here to help you take your investing business to the next level. At our events, you’ll learn more, learn to make more, and make a lot of new friends who are on the same path as you are. If that’s what you’re looking for, you’ve found the right place!